About Kaj Bangla

Kaj Bangla Employment Service is one of the leading Governments approved Manpower Agencies having License No.1345 in Bangladesh registered under the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment which facilitates professionally managed outflow of work force from Bangladesh to abroad. Kaj Bangla Employment Service, a foremost conglomerate of Bangladesh, is also a member of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA). In spite of numerous recruitment agencies in Bangladesh, Kaj Bangla Employment Service realized that there was a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency to bridge the gap between opportunities and the opportunity seekers and thus the company came into existence. It’s a new generation Recruiting Agency with a commitment. The company’s overall stance has been to goal out for excellence and thus become the principal source of competitive, efficient and reliable human resource solutions provider.

For Kaj Bangla Employment Service social responsibility extends well beyond just writing a donation check to a charitable cause. It’s about strengthening the diversity of our communities and creating opportunities for all people to participate in the work force. It’s about focusing on the long-term view and developing solutions that are sustainable, whether it’s helping an unemployed youth to join the work force or finding an engineer a job abroad. Our reward comes from knowing that we make a real difference today and future because of our relationships with both employers and individuals. We are uniquely positioned to determine where current and future skills gaps are, identify people who need help engaging with the work force, and develop solutions that bring these two groups together, mutually benefiting both. In this way, we function as a “bridge” to employment for many who would otherwise be unemployed.

Kaj Bangla Employment Service has always considered human resources to be the only appreciating asset of our country and it is obligated to source quality human resources to its valued partners. Kaj Bangla Employment Service will develop its own training center where candidates will train up for foreign companies. Candidates seeking overseas employment face problem with jobs, professional environment, language, culture, norms, gestures, postures and many other aspects. These aspects would be taken due care of in our systems, Programs and policies are designed to make the connection to work a viable option for those who need it. Our industry leading skills assessment processes and hiring policies help us ensue that people are not discriminated rather we focus on peoples’ abilities –not their disabilities.

Our Services

Ticket Assistance

We take the responsibilities of providing the tickets for the recruits through duly licensed & Government approved travel agency to facilitate all the required ticketing services.

Visa Assistance

We provide services to Employment (work permit) visa quickly, accurately and professionally.

Employment Assistance

We always prefer final selection procedure to be conducted by the employer or his authorized representative. We normally make reservation for accommodation, transport and all other logistic supports according to the delegates’ requirements.

Manpower Consultancy

KajBangla works along with a deep understanding of local & international recruiting consultancies assisting with immigration and international work permit legislation advice providing comprehensive HR services & recruitment solutions.