Managing Director Message

I believe in people. None of us could be successful without them. That’s because, no matter what we do, it’s people who drive every aspect of our business. Even after a few years in the recruiting industry, I’m driven to do more for people. That’s one reason I founded Human Resource consultant firm. My vision is to bring together all aspects of the people side of their creativity.

 Because the right work-life balance is different for every individual, a company policy or program cannot create it or manage it. Each individual must do that for him or herself, working with a boss that has the right leadership mindset and skill set as well.

Since 2016, Kaj Bangla Employment Service is operated on the track of honesty, transparency and ethics. We offer Overseas Manpower Recruitment & Management Services and Human Resource Services to sufficient the patron’s human resource requirements in world class pattern. To carry out the recruitment assignments in efficient and professional manner, we have appointed a well qualified and experienced team of consultants for recruitment domain and Human Resource Department. 

In all our actions as a group and as individuals, representing this group we maintain integrity both in financially and professionally. Trust and honesty in our each action between us, our customers and our stake holders. We always role on challenges with taking them and competing them in a sufficient way with extreme ability and determination.