Recruitment Process

We follow some rules and regulation and recruitment procedure. First of all an agreement is signed between employer and agencies. But a definite regulation is maintained here. We have designed a practical framework that is result oriented and provide most complex demands of our client. Through extensive use of technology we ensure vast reach in our network.

Understanding clients and employers need:

We study the client requirements and the usefulness of such requirements to support our search. Based on requirements we plan a strategy that would follow to serve the needs. Work Plan is designed considering the possible challenges, the strategy to face such challenges, latest trends in the market, competency levels available, factors to count for the position etc. Our total works depend on the result of Research & Development.

Research & Development:

At this stage we look for competent HR considering skills, experience, stability and performance. Then we select the candidate and share with employer

Primary assessment/screening:

Then we go for preliminary screening process considering the employment objective, skills, job location job titles and other details. Our HR experts talk to the candidate, take interview of candidate


After the assessment we justify/evaluate the candidate by their references.

Clients Interview

After reviewing candidate by us, we refer them to our Clients so that they can justify the competency and potentiality of the candidate.

Formal Recommendation from Clients:

After the clients assessment we formally talk to the references to justify the work ethics, performance, attitude and other basic details.

Handholding Phase:

In this phase we negotiate on salary structure, joining date, offer late and other facilities. This is important as we give value to our clients and applicants.



Employer’s part

a. Power of attorney

The employer will issue a power of attorney to the Kaj Bangla Employment Service as a true and lawful attorney agent in Bangladesh in respect of handling all affairs with Bangladesh Government.

b. Demand letter

The employer will formally issue a demand letter in favor of Kaj Bangla Employment Service mentioning all kinds of facilities including job categories and others benefits.

c. Visa documents

The employer will provide visa and supporting documents by which the Government of host country allows the employers to recruit Bangladeshi workers.

d. Company registration copy

To apply for job in some countries requires a photocopy of the company registration so this matter is taken in consideration

e. Consular letter

To address the Consular General of the recruiting country a letter is needed to allow recruitment from Bangladesh (As per demand letter against the stated visa block number). This is not required in all countries.

f. Employment agreement

Copies of standard employment contract between employer and employee are required.

g. Agency agreement

An agency agreement needs to be signed between the employer and Kaj Bangla Employment Service with all the terms and condition which will be the guide for both parties. Authorization letter, P/A and demand letter should be in original, duly sealed and signed by the authorized person & attested by chamber of commerce and ministry of foreign affairs.

Kaj Bangla Employment Service part:

The Pre-selection process

By advertising on local mass media, Kaj Bangla Employment Service try to inform potential applicant about the job so that they can involves in pre-selection process. We have an extensive computer database of all present and probable future applicants from different level of society with different skills and qualities. The whole pre-selection process is run by our own recruiting managers and executives based on following criteria:

  • Capability
  • Competency
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Finishing of job and quality of job performed.

Final selection

Practical test

We always select applicants by Interview or Practical test which is conducted by expert authorized representative. We arrange their accommodation, transport and all other logistic support required for the purpose. Testing facilities for engineering function are also available here

Medical check up

After primary selection, selected candidates are sent for medical checkup in modern and authorized medical center of the respective embassies at the country of employment. These medical facilities maintain strict adherence to international standards.


We collect necessary documents like, passport copy, visa copy, bio-data, photograph, health certificate, academic transcript, employment contract and others are collected from the clients so that we can fix the responsibility studying all. We also get necessary permissions from relevant government agencies and legal institutions.

Validation of proper documentation

We take every effort to check the authenticity of applicant’s documents. For an instance we check the authenticity of Academic Transcript with educational board/institution and verify police records to make sure the worker deployed from our agency has clean records.

Application and Receipt of visa

Kaj Bangla Employment Service applies for the visa on behalf of the selected candidates in the respective embassy as authorized by the employers. For countries like UAE we send complete set of documents so that our clients can submit those at their respective embassies.

Ticketing and Emigration 

We access Emigration clearance from the concern government department for the candidates.

Orientation before departure

We provide basic orientation to the workers before they join their work field, cross cultural aspects, duties and their responsibilities. Also confirm their flight reservation to check comfort issues for their safe journey and reach to the work field.

Follow up 

We make sure our clients received by the company representative at the airport on time. We follow up time to time to make sure that they are well set with their position.